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(Chartered            )        
Meets: 3rd Thursday @ 7:00 pm
Post Home: VFW Post 6917

5845 Bataan Memorial Hwy West 
Las Cruces, NM  88012

  President:                    Shelly Ravak
  Sr. Vice President:      Beth Miller, PGP
  Jr. Vice President:      Georgene Knecht, PGP
  Treasurer:                   Sharon Olsen, PGP
  Secretary:                   Sharon Olsen, PGP
  Chaplain:                    Samantha Conn
  Hospital:                     Geoegene Knecht, PGP
  Membership:              Beth Miller, PGP

(Chartered  May 05, 1968)
Meets: 2nd Tuesday@ 6:00 pm
Post Home: VFW Post 401

2011 Girard SE
Albuquerque, NM  87106

  President:                   Barbara Santillanes
  Sr. Vice President:     Shirlee Frias, PGP
  Jr. Vice President:     Danielle Garcia, PGP
  Treasurer:                  Louise Salas
  Secretary:                   Louise Salas
  Chaplain:                   Dominique Garcia, PGP
  Hospital:                    Renee King
  Membership:             Louise Salas

#14 Mt. KIA-MIA
(Chartered Jan 17, 2009)
Meets: 2nd Saturday@ 6:30 pm
Post Home: VFW Post 614
201 S. Park Ave

Aztec, NM  87410

  President:                  Margaret Long   
  Sr. Vice President:    Cindy Runnels
  Jr. Vice President:     J. Kevin Edwards
  Treasurer:                  Penney Howard, PGP
  Secretary:                  Penney Howard, PGP
  Chaplain:                   Donna Hughes
  Hospital:                    Vicky Westbrook, PGP
  Membership:             Penney Howard, PGP


#5 A.H.O.
(Chartered            )
Meets: 1st Friday @ 7:00 pm
Post Home: VFW Post 3015
2815 W. 7th St.
Clovis, NM  88101

  President:                   Alison K. Lam, PGP
  Sr. Vice President:     Elaine Mitchell, PGP
  Jr. Vice President:     Chris Powers
  Treasurer:                  Lee Ann Lam, PGP, PSP
  Secretary:                  Lee Ann Lam, PGP, PSP
  Chaplain:                   Zaiden Slate
  Hospital:                    Elaine Mitchell, PGP
  Membership:             Lee Ann Lam, PGP, PSP

MOCA Grand Of New Mexico